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Tomato Lifesteal SMP Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

Join Tomato Lifesteal SMP with the IP tomato-lifesteal-ong.my.pebble.host to play with 0 other players. Plus, read more information about Tomato Lifesteal SMP and vote!

Tomato Lifesteal SMP

0 / 10000000 playing right now

0 votes this week

#277 top voted server

About Tomato Lifesteal SMP

The Rules! (🟣 = Applies to Discord | 🟢 = Applies to Minecraft)

NO Hatefulness/Hate Speech
No Homophobia 🟣 🟢
No Racism 🟣 🟢
No Toxicity 🟣 🟢
No Ableism 🟣 🟢

NO Hurtful/NSFW Images
Images of Self-harm 🟣
Images of Human Feces 🟣

PLEASE Respect Privacy
Don't ask for Place of Residence 🟣 🟢
Don't ask for Number 🟣 🟢
Don't ask for Age 🟣 🟢

DONT be a troll
Don't Ping Executive/Mods for no reason 🟣
No spamming chat 🟣 🟢
No Loud Mic 🟣
-No Abusing Spawn Protection🟢
-Dont Kill Afks🟢
-No Ofline Raiding🟢
-No Hacking No Xray🟢
-New Player Get 1 hour of Grace🟢
-No ALT🟢🟣
-No Combat Logging🟢
-No Spawn Camping/Farming
-No Selling Cords/Giving Coords In Spec🟢
-No Lag Machines🟢
-No Breaking Signed Contracts (Any contracts made should be ran by a admin with a the arming signing the book) 🟢
-No Putting Ender Dragon Egg In Your Ender Chest🟢

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