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The Great Beyond Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

Join The Great Beyond with the IP thegreatbeyond.mcserver.us to play with 0 other players. Plus, read more information about The Great Beyond and vote!

The Great Beyond

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About The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond is a relaxed Valhelsia Enchanced Vanilla server packed with mods that improve the vanilla minecraft experience and encourages you to explore and create. Your abilities evolve through a system of skills and levels (a bit like an RPG), adding a new challenge to the early game and giving clear objectives to work towards as you play. At the outset of the adventure, you start with just 3 hearts and 3 points to assign to skills. As you level different skills you will unlock new weapons, armor, tools, and will be able to work with different mods, giving you access to new technologies and magic.

Beyond the small spawn, the server is yours to explore, build upon and conquer.

Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla, is one of the very few modpacks that come bundled with shaders for an awesome looking experience.

Mods include Applied Energistics 2, Create, Tech Reborn, AdventureZ, Arcanus, Farmer's Delight, Creeper Overhaul, Yung's Better Dungeons and Strongholds

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