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SurvivalAdventures Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

Join SurvivalAdventures with the IP survivaladventures.net to play with 4 other players. Plus, read more information about SurvivalAdventures and vote!


4 / 280 playing right now

About SurvivalAdventures

We're SurvivalAdventures, a Minecraft server geared towards providing players a genuine Minecraft experience. With well balanced economy, varied features and a focus on the community aspect, we believe we offer something unique you will enjoy!

- Vote Rewards
- Easy to grasp gameplay
- Guilds allow you to create powerful teams with your friends
- Lands system that allows you to become a landlord and create a real estate empire.
- Unique items that empower you against all foes.
- Fight in the dungeon to earn money and level up skills.
- Everything that can be purchased in the store can be won in-game.

Why us?
SurvivalAdventures was built from the ground up to allow a chill environment where people can spend their time off work and school. With friendly and mature staff, eagerly engaging with the community, we strive to be what you want!

You can join us by going to: SURVIVALADVENTURES.NET

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