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Quarantine Craft Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

Join Quarantine Craft with the IP splatage.com to play with 1 other players. Plus, read more information about Quarantine Craft and vote!

Quarantine Craft

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About Quarantine Craft

Late 2014, some kids are playing Minecraft and noticed how dark some of the servers are.
They asked their dad, “could we make our own private server” – sure, he said, how hard can it be..?
Soon a server was born.
Those children have since grown up, and during NZ’s 2020 lockdown the old crew got back together. New hardware was secured, and the server rebuilt, becoming splatage.com. It is now open to the public for you to enjoy. If you are looking for a clean, safe server, this is the one; it’s built with families in mind.

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