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PokeHub Cobblemon Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

Join PokeHub Cobblemon with the IP mbs.pokehub.org to play with 9 other players. Plus, read more information about PokeHub Cobblemon and vote!

PokeHub Cobblemon

9 / 5000 playing right now

3107 votes this week

#7 top voted server

About PokeHub Cobblemon

A Minecraft Cobblemon server providing a unique gaming experience that combines the popular sandbox game with the beloved world of Pokemon. Players can explore a vast virtual world filled with pixelated versions of their favorite Pokemon, catching and training them to battle against other players. With a variety of game modes, custom plugins, and a thriving community, PokeHub offers endless entertainment for fans of both Minecraft and Pokemon.

IP: play.pokehub.org
Discord: https://discord.gg/UED6ArKr2v

For the best experience, we recommend using our modpack: https://bit.ly/install-cobblemon

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