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Dodos Earth SMP Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

Join Dodos Earth SMP with the IP to play with 9 other players. Plus, read more information about Dodos Earth SMP and vote!

Dodos Earth SMP

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About Dodos Earth SMP

Dodo's Earth SMP is a 1:2000 Scale Minecraft Earth Map looking for more players to join us! On our server we have a respectful and helping community. No matter if beginner, intermediate or a hardcore veteran, everyone is welcome on our SMP!

We have plugins like vehicles (planes, tractors and more!), veinminer and a LIVE detailed map!

We allow players to build up anything they like and try and conquer the world!

We allow PVP, looting and stealing from other players! This means you're allowed to steal from peoples bases, as long as you do not grief any other players, so we can all build big and cool bases, without losing our progress!

If you're interested you can message me on discord and we hope to see you on the server! :)

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