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DarkMc Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

Join DarkMc with the IP Play.darkmc.uk to play with 47 other players. Plus, read more information about DarkMc and vote!


47 / 1000 playing right now

0 votes this week

#397 top voted server

About DarkMc

❗️Do you want your own server/relam? How about FREE?❗️

At DarkMc we are the only minecraft server that allows players to make the server! Whats dose that mean you maybe asking?

We have a custom network that allows our players to make there own servers within our community! These servers are automatically generated by our custom plugin. You will have full access and full control of your server!

Private SMP server for your friends? ✅
Faction server for the community? ✅
Prison server for the community? ✅
Creative server for your friends or community? ✅
You have total freedom!

We give out CASH rewards to the most popular, creative, voted servers on the darkmc network!

So what you waiting for? Get involved!

Play.darkmc.uk (java)
Play.darkmc.uk:19133 (bedrock)
Https://store.darkmc.uk (store)
Https://discord.darkmc.uk (discord)
Https://darkmc.uk (website)

Vote for DarkMc

Vote every 24 hours to get rewards and support DarkMc!