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ComfyMC Friendly Survival Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

Join ComfyMC Friendly Survival with the IP play.comfymc.net to play with 3 other players. Plus, read more information about ComfyMC Friendly Survival and vote!

ComfyMC Friendly Survival

3 / 100 playing right now

35 votes this week

#90 top voted server

About ComfyMC Friendly Survival

ComfyMC "A Peaceful Survival Experience"❤️️

❤️️ Awesome features such as:
✔ Cool and Huge Spawn
✔ Anti Grief/Land Claiming
✔ Keep Inventory / EXP
✔ Voting Ranks
✔ Respawn on your First Home
✔ Economy
✔ Jobs
✔ Daily Voting Rewards
✔ Bonus Top Voters Rewards
✔ Crates
✔ Disguises
✔ Free Mob and Animal Farms
✔ Free Grinders
✔ Free Resource Area Mines
✔ Lottery
✔ Auctions
✔ Shops
✔ Player Shops
✔ Monthly Events (Drop party,PvP Tournament, Treasure hunting)
✔ Player Warps
✔ Custom Enchants
✔ Skyblock Server (Soon)
✔ + more!

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