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Abrams Network Cobblemon WIP Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

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Abrams Network Cobblemon WIP

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About Abrams Network Cobblemon WIP


Abrams Network is a (BRAND NEW) Cobblemon server currently in development. I am looking for a co-owner / admin to help me work on and manage the server. If you are interested please let me know, i already have a developer working on the server. Server is a heavy WIP looking for assistance in coming up with ideas, building a amazing staff team and building the best cobblemon server out there!

If you are interested in helping please be 13+ Respond here, or DM me on discord, https://discord.gg/fuW8emVQSh

Here are the future plans...

- Pokemon Trading

- Breeding / Daycare

- All pokemon spawn in the wild.

- Auction House.


- Voting rewards / Vote Party

- Kits

- Playtime rank ups.

- Towny!

- McMMO with monthly #1 Money Rewards!

- Jobs!

- Outbreaks n Legendary Battles.

- Player ran gyms.

- Custom Resource Pack.

- Dedicated, No lag.

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