Join Minecraft Servers From Your Console Without Apps 2023

Monday August 7, 2023

Last updated Wednesday August 23, 2023

Since Minecraft Bedrock Edition has released, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch players have always had the disadvantage with the inability to add servers in their multiplayer client. This means that without a third-party app such as Bedrock Together, console players are only able to play the featured servers that Mojang puts on the "Featured Servers" list within the client - until now.

Minecraft Console-Connect

This ground-breaking technology that we will call Console-Connect (since it doesn't have a name yet) allows Minecraft Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch users to add and join Minecraft Java/Bedrock servers directly from their client without ANY third-party apps or services - and the best part? It's incredibly easy!

Minecraft Console-Connect Servers

Minecraft Console-Connect will only work with servers that support it. And since this technology is only a few days old there are very few servers that even know about this yet, nonetheless support it. But lucky for you - we have a list of the Best Console-Connect Servers that currently exist! But first, let's give you a rundown of how it works:

How to Add Minecraft Servers on Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch

Step 1: In your Minecraft Client, find your "Friends" tab

Step 2: From there, click "Add Friend"

Step 3: Enter the Gamertag that the server you are trying to join uses for Console-Connect (Find a list of the best servers that currently support Console-Connect and their Gamertags at the bottom of this guide!)

Step 4: Once you have entered the Gamertag, click "Add Friend" in the profile result (We used WildWoodSMP10 as an example here)

Step 5: Once you have sent the friend request, close the Profile window and wait for the friend request to be automatically accepted. Once it has been accepted, it will pop up in your "Joinable Friends" list, and you can click on it to join! That's it!

Best Minecraft Console-Connect Servers

The list below contains servers that currently support Minecraft Console-Connect and that are joinable right now! Just follow the Guide above and use the Gamertags in this list to connect!