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ShatteredVanilla Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

Join ShatteredVanilla with the IP Shatteredvanilla.net to play with 96 other players. Plus, read more information about ShatteredVanilla and vote!


96 / 300 playing right now

About ShatteredVanilla

ShatteredVanilla is a awesome Minecraft server with multiple gamemodes such survival and hardcore (coming soon) with many more are on there way! Our amazing developers and staff help to make your gameplay awesome. We have a cool Discord where we host giveaways and events! We even host weekly crystal, sword, pot, cart, and elytra PvP events too!

All in all, ShatteredVanilla is a awesome server to meet new friends, team up and make server ruling empires to try to get ready for the end event that happens every 4 months. Cool ranks, insane builds, good PvP, and a awesome community for you to play with can all be found right here; join today!

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