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PlayCDU Modded Network Minecraft Server Info, Voting, and More

Join PlayCDU Modded Network with the IP nohub.playcdu.co to play with 689 other players. Plus, read more information about PlayCDU Modded Network and vote!

PlayCDU Modded Network

689 / 400 playing right now

553 votes this week

#41 top voted server

About PlayCDU Modded Network

Our Links:
Website: https://www.craftdownunder.co
Discord: https://discord.gg/playcdu
Forums: https://forum.playcdu.co/

About Us:
Craft Down Under is a gaming community that specializes in hosting and playing Minecraft modpacks. Our servers, located in Australia and the United States, offer a wide variety of modpacks to suit different playstyles and preferences. We're dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for all players, regardless of their skill level, to come together and enjoy the unique experiences that modpacks provide. Join us today and see why Craft Down Under is the go-to destination for Minecraft modpack enthusiasts!

To view all 35+ servers that we host and their IPs, head to https://forum.playcdu.co/servers/

Key Features:
★ Multiple Locations
★ Always Online
★ Discord Chat Synchronisation
★ Playtime rewards:
★ Ranks
★ Regular Backups
★ Voting
★ DDoS Protection

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