Best Minecraft Bedwars Servers

Minecraft Bedwars Servers

Minecraft Bedwars Servers is a gamemode where all players are on their own individual island with a bed that is exposed to all other players. If your bed is broken, you will no longer be able to respawn if you die. All players are fighting to the death to be the last remaining player. All players are trying to break the beds of the other players islands so that they will be eliminated if they are killed. If the bed on your island is broken by another player, you will not be able to respawn if you are killed. The last remaining alive player wins the Bedwars Server match!

The Best Minecraft Bedwars Servers

Below are the best Minecraft Bedwars Servers that we could find!

Rank Name Server Players IP

Cherry Survival

[1.19 Survival] [Multiplayer SMP] Cherry Survival is the perfect survival server to meet new friends, create your own warps, relax, and hang out! We have a friendly community with tons of quality-of-life features that you will be sure to enjoy!


Vanilla Realms Bedwars

[1.19 Survival] [Multiplayer SMP] Craft, build, survive, hang out with friends! A fresh and simple survival experience with tons of easy-to-use features that make survival fun.


Sunny Survival


The Seed

1.18 Survival | Skills | Friendly | Build, craft, survive with friends!


PikaNetwork Minecraft Bedwars server

PikaNetwork is a Cracked Minecraft server! Open to both Regular and Cracked players. Our server's player base is intermittently growing since it's first released, users around all over the world playing our amazing gamemodes and enjoying their time here with our beloved community.


Mykals MC

Mykals MC

Mykal's MC Server is a new 1.19.2 Survival style server with multiple gamemodes. We are currently looking for helpers and admins to help make this a better place for us all.



This is a KitPVP Sever! Come in, join and engage with our growing community! TendyMC Includes high quality KitPVP, Bedwars and Parkour. Come join! Ip:


TryKit Bedwars server


Elq Hub


Kingdom Of Madness


What are Minecraft Bedwars Servers?

Minecraft Bedwars Servers are Public Minecraft Servers that allow you to play the Bedwars game-mode with many other players online! Use our Minecraft Server List to meet and play with hundreds of other Bedwars-loving players!

How to play Minecraft Bedwars Servers?

Every Bedwars Server is different. You should always visit the Bedwars Servers website or discord to figure out how you are supposed to play and which rules you need to follow in-game. Minecraft Servers will typically provide guidance on how to play their Bedwars, so simply join and start learning!

How to join Minecraft Bedwars Servers?

To join a Minecraft Bedwars Server, simply find one that looks interesting to you on our Minecraft Server list, copy the IP of the Bedwars Server and paste it into your Minecraft Java or Bedrock client. Enjoy!

How to find Minecraft Bedwars Servers?

Our Minecraft Server list contains many Minecraft Bedwars Servers. We ensure we only provide high-quality Bedwars Servers on our list for you to play! Simply browse our list until something catches your eye!

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